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Complete Re-Upholstery Service for:
Homes • Offices • Medical Facilities • Restaurants • Churches • Other

Mike's Upholstery Inc. specializes in making tough jobs seem easy, with long experience dealing in all aspects of commercial reupholstery and upholstery repair. They offer complete services for offices, churches, medical facilities, restaurants and nearly any other type of business you have - when you business needs to look its best, Mike Crumley and his expert staff will look out for you every step of the way, and for larger jobs custom orders can be designed to fit in a specified budget.

The idea of reupholstery is a simple one - to take a still great piece of furniture, and make it look new again. It might be the couch in your living room, or the row of waiting chairs in your office, every job is just as important, and at Mike's Upholstery Inc. customer satisfaction is our number one goal.

Mike's also specializes in treating furniture so that it can go longer periods of times between being reupholstered - especially leather and vinyl. These could still be great looking pieces with just one or two small mars - well, get them before they get bigger. We specialize in leather and vinyl repair, and will make sure you get every bit of use out of your furniture - and then when you are ready, we will make it like new for you!